Women & Girls Empowerment

Unespic’s Women and Girls Economic Empowerment program provides opportunities for positive change by providing a pathway for women and girls to access and take control of productive assets. It does this by providing a channel for women and girls to become financially included, build assets that enables them build a sustainable livelihood.
The Program is aligned to Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) 1 which focuses on ending poverty in all its manifestations, SDG 5 which focus on the reduction of gender inequalities and SDG 8 which focuses on sustainable economic growth. Unespic has developed a Women Empowerment Strategy to complement its efforts in reaching out to women and girls.
We work towards building positive changes to Women and Girls through financial inclusion and economic empowerment initiatives that address needs of chronic livelihood insecure women and girls constrained by lack of access to and control over productive assets, basic services and denial of rights living in urban informal and rural settings.